Ignite Heating and Air Conditioning provides a wide range of services to our customers.

New Home Construction

  • Are you building a new home?
  • Are you a Custom Home builder looking for a change in your heating contractor?

We love working with custom home builders or customers general contracting their own home. We review the blueprints to come up with an energy efficient duct design to ensure the new home is comfortable for the years to come.

Furnace Replacements

  • Are you looking to improve the efficiency in your home?
  • Have you had numerous repairs in past years and want to ensure that your heating system keeps up during the winter months?

We provide on-site quotes to review your existing furnace and determine the best approach for replacement. We are able to provide you with options on the furnaces we sell to ensure that the features are both cost effective and meet your heating needs.

Air Conditioner Installations

  • Are you tired of sleeping in the basement during the summer months?
  • Are you running out of reasons to visit the mall on those hot days?

A new air conditioner can make the summer months bearable. All air conditioning units are planned to ensure they are properly sized for the house. We also work to bring in electricians to make certain that your electrical panel can handle the air conditioning unit.

Garage Heater Installations

  • Do you use your garage as an extension of your house?
  • Do you want to be kind to your vehicles parked in the garage and warm them up overnight?

We install both forced air and radiant heat units in garages. Forced air units are a great way to keep your garage warm, the size of the unit depends on a number of factors in your garage space. Radiant Heaters provide sun-like warmth and they are quite effective in large, open spaces. They are quieter and there are some fuel savings when compared to forced air units.

Duct Modifications

  • Are you finishing your basement?
  • Do you find your basement really cold and want to make temperature in the space comfortable?
  • Do you want to gain some headspace in the low basement ceilings?

We love working with homeowners to provide creative solutions to their basement duct work. We work with homeowners to ensure our modifications solve their issues with their basement heating, whether developing or renovating, don’t let your duct work get in the way.