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Friday Funnies!

I have a little story,
about my friend named Cory*.

His furnace was running too hot,
But it was only hot in one spot,
So the clever young fellow,
Roasted some marshmallows,
Now he didn’t mind a whole lot.

The moral of the story,
Don’t be a Cory,
Call Ignite Heating,
We will give you a warm greeting,
We can service your furnace,
and hopefully earn us,
your love and affection,
with no objection.

Ignite Heating and Air Conditioning
Our technicians discern,
because your comfort is our concern.

* names have been changed to protect our customers identity.

Winter is coming, it’s time for a furnace inspection

Did you know that regular furnace maintenance is important to keep your furnace operating and avoid costly breakdowns? No matter how expensive the system is or what the manufacturer promises, a complicated piece of mechanical equipment is subject to breakdowns and needs repairs every so often. Much like you wouldn’t leave your car without maintenance for a year, you shouldn’t leave your HVAC system without maintenance.

The benefits of annual furnace maintenance include: lower energy bills, fewer repairs, lower chance of a surprise breakdown, longer equipment life and safer equipment operation.

Our furnace “clean and checks” provide an experienced technician the opportunity to review general maintenance of your furnace and humidifier, as well as, check your electrical, gas and combustion air and venting systems.

We leave a copy of our checklist outlining everything that was looked, and any preventative maintenance tips that we might have for the homeowner.

Give us a call @ 780.919.4916 today to book your annual furnace maintenance!

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